Jewellery Suppliers in China
  • ADDRESS:Room 327, Building 8, Pengsheng Village, Bagualing, Futian District, Shenzhen BUSINESS SCOPE: Purchase and sale of natural jewelry, platinum inlaid jewelry, simulated jewelry products, and handicrafts (the above does not include gold and silver); jewelry design; establishment of industries (specific projects shall be declared separately); domestic commerce, material supply and marketing (excluding franchise, exclusive control, Monopoly products). ; E-MAIL:——
  • ADDRESS:No. 35, Xingji River, Shizhong District, Jinan City BUSINESS SCOPE: Processing and sales of inlaid ornaments such as gold, platinum, diamonds and jewellery; sales of arts and crafts and office supplies (the above do not include cultural relics and state-owned exclusive control products, and licenses are required for production and operation). (Projects that are subject to approval in accordance with the law can only carry out business activities after being approved by relevant departmen
  • ADDRESS:No.222, Building 5, Beixiaoyuan, Tongzhou District, Beijing BUSINESS SCOPE: Sales (excluding retail) jewelry, jewelry, arts and crafts, goods import and export, agent import and export, technology import and export; advertising design and production, organization of cultural and artistic exchange activities (excluding chess and cards), exhibitions. E-MAIL:——
  • ADDRESS:49 Hezhou Road, Huaihua City BUSINESS SCOPE: Sales of gold, platinum, karat gold, platinum, diamonds, jewellery, jade and small crafts, diamond purchase and old jewellery recycling and replacement. E-MAIL:——
  • ADDRESS:121 Erdao Street, Nankai District BUSINESS SCOPE: Platinum jewelry, arts and crafts wholesale and retail, processing (except for special regulations of the state). E-MAIL:——
  • ADDRESS:No. 70 Airport Street, Yining City BUSINESS SCOPE: Gold and silver jewelry, jewelry and jade. E-MAIL:——
  • ADDRESS:No.50 Gongong Road, Xiashi, Haining City BUSINESS SCOPE: Jewelry, jade, handicrafts, fine arts, wholesale, retail (except cultural relics and antiques protected by the state), domestic gold jewelry, processing with private materials E-MAIL:——
  • ADDRESS:Wanfeng Mall, Jianghai Road, Haimen Town, Haimen City, Jiangsu Province BUSINESS SCOPE: Production, processing and sales of jewelry, jade inlaid (except gold and silver) handicrafts. E-MAIL:——
  • ADDRESS:Zhangfeng Town, Longchuan County BUSINESS SCOPE: Jewelry and jade processing and sales. E-MAIL:——
  • ADDRESS:3 Huamu Road BUSINESS SCOPE: Processing and sales of jewellery and jade. E-MAIL:——
  • ADDRESS:No. 32, Nanmen Street, Fifth Street, Town, Tengchong County, Yunnan Province BUSINESS SCOPE: Production, processing and sales of jade articles, jade carvings and jade inlaid jewelry (except gold and silver). **Operation in accordance with licenses involving national pre-approval projects in the scope of business** E-MAIL:——
  • ADDRESS:Middle section of Jinguang Road, Xiashan BUSINESS SCOPE: Wholesale, retail, purchasing agency sales: jewelry, jade jewelry, arts and crafts, Wujinjiaodian, daily necessities, audio equipment, photographic equipment, computers and accessories, clocks and glasses, telephones, cosmetics, stationery, plastic products, leather products , Knitted textiles, motorcycles and parts, auto parts, chemical raw materials, building materials, non-staple food. ***(Projects subject to approval in accorda

Jewellery Suppliers in China
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